Healthy Heart Check

People without any cardiac symptoms should not be subject to extensive (and expensive) tests. Most of the times, general measures focusing on the prevention of cardiovascular disease and the treatment of the risk factors (hypertension, high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, etc) are enough. However, many people are worried about their cardiac health or want specific advice about how to manage their risk factors.

It is advisable to seek a specialist opinion even if you don’t have symptoms when:

  • there is a strong family history of heart problems at a young age
  • your hypertension is not under control despite multiple medications
  • your cholesterol is still raised although you are on a statin
  • there is a family history of sudden deaths
  • a relative of yours has been diagnosed with a cardiomyopathy
  • you are about to engage on a physically challenging (extreme) activity
  • you want to become a professional athlete
A short discussion with a cardiologist followed by a simple examination with the stethoscope can sometimes reveal heart problems that don’t cause symptoms. If you have any concerns regarding your cardiac health or want a cardiology check-up, you can arrange a consultation here.