At Expert Cardiologist, we are here to help you through any cardiology issues that you may have. Our experienced team will test for a range of different issues to diagnose your specific condition, provide the treatment that you need, and talk to you about how you can manage your condition to continue enjoying a healthy, happy life going forward. If you want to learn more about us and our company’s history, core values and more, keep reading.

Our Mission

Expert Cardiologist is dedicated to providing the very best care to ensure that our patients get the help and support that they need with their heart conditions. Our team has a wealth of experience and expertise, and our values are grounded in making sure that our patients get the best treatment and that they feel comfortable and confident in our care.

Our commitment to excellence extends to where we work. We have access to the very best facilities, advanced equipment, and state of the art technology to give us the tools and the environment we need to give you the care that you deserve. We can diagnose and treat a wide range of heart conditions, including:

Why Choose Us

At Expert Cardiologist, we can offer you a truly expert level of healthcare (we are so confident that we put it in the name), and we can offer access to amazing facilities throughout London. We also know that our patients are very busy, so we are proud to offer flexible hours that work around your schedule.

When it comes to diagnosing issues, we have an array of advanced heart tests to help us get to the root cause. Expert Cardiologist is a one-stop clinic, so you do not need to worry about being referred elsewhere, and we offer one-to-one contact to give you the personalised care that you deserve.

But don’t just take our word for it, read our excellent patient reviews below.

Worried about your heart?

Personalised Treatment Plans

No two heart conditions are exactly alike, and no two patients are either. Our team is dedicated to not only giving you the best care but making sure that you understand what we are doing and why. We want you to feel like you are being given the attention and respect you deserve, which is why we will provide you with a personalised treatment plan that we will go through with you in detail.

Following your consultation, you will be provided with video and interactive media material to help you to understand the issue that you are suffering from and how the treatment and management plan is going to work.

Private Patient Benefits

There are many benefits to going private with your healthcare, including the personalised treatment plan discussed above. Private patients enjoy shorter waiting times than you would if you were not opting for private treatment, as well as access to a range of different clinics and hospitals throughout London.

You can choose where your treatment will take place, and you can choose to make your appointment at a time that suits you. You can also rest assured that you will benefit from the most advanced medical equipment, accurate testing, and treatment plans that are based around your specific needs and lifestyle. What’s more, with private treatment, you will have the very best standards of care in a facility that is comfortable and discreet.

A portrait image of Dr Karagiannis

Private Cardiologist In London

The team at Expert Cardiologist is led by Georgios Karagiannis, who has a tremendous amount of expertise and experience in the field of cardiology, with a particular interest in heart failure. He has 20 years of experience, with 8 years as a specialist in his field and has received awards and honorary lectureships for his achievements and the amazing results that he has achieved through his work.

Dr Karagiannis is currently an NHS consultant at two London hospitals as well as lecturing at London’s prestigious Brunel University. Expert Cardiologist was founded because Dr Karagiannis believes in the value of one-to-one contact with his patients.

During your initial consultation, you will be given an email address and a contact number so that you can get in touch with him with any concerns, and he will work on a personalised treatment plan for you. He will be your primary consultant and will be with you at every step of the way.

Book A Cardiologist Appointment

When you book a cardiologist appointment with Expert Cardiologist, you can rest assured that you will be signing up for expert care, personalised treatment, and a level of comfort, engagement and reassurance that will make things go as smoothly as possible.

We will work with you to find appointment times that fit in your schedule, and we will use our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to give you top-of-the-line care. If you have any questions or to book a cardiologist appointment, get in touch with us today. Our team is ready to help you with any queries, concerns, or bookings.


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