Here at Expert Cardiologist, we pride ourselves in offering the very highest level of care to our patients who may be experiencing a range of heart health issues. We operate in a range of private and NHS facilities providing the best care to private patients that allow them to live a healthy, full life, free of the worry and fear that a heart condition can cause.

By choosing Expert Cardiologist as your heart health provider, you will gain access to one of the leading minds in cardiac medicine. We offer thorough and extensive cardiac consultations, a range of cutting-edge diagnostic tools and tailored treatment plans to help ensure your heart health is as strong as it can be.

Private Cardiology Prices

Our expert cardiologist, Dr Georgios Karagiannis, provides a broad range of services to treat various heart concerns. The fees you pay will depend on the type of issues you’re facing, any comorbidities and how much ongoing care you will need.

Referrals to a cardiologist can either come from your regular GP, or you may self-refer based on the symptoms you’re experiencing. Some people may also use private medical insurance to cover the cost of their treatment. If you are self-funding your private treatment, we have a range of payment plans available, along with services aimed to help those of all budget sizes.

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Private Consultation Costs

Our initial consultation costs are a set fee of £250, with follow-up appointments charged at £200. In the initial consultation, we will have an in-depth discussion about your concerns and the ways in which we’ll be able to help with your ongoing care and health requirements. Some tests may also be performed depending on the symptoms you’re experiencing and any relevant family history or background.

We believe you can’t put a price on heart health, so we’re committed to offering quality care at excellent prices so that money worries don’t stop you from getting the best possible care and results. We will be more than happy to talk you through the cost of our treatments and consultations if you want more information, and you can easily contact us by phone and email to find out more.

What To Expect At Your Cardiology Appointment

We offer a flexible and patient-focused appointment system, allowing you to choose from phone, video or in-person consultations to suit your schedule. We also have private clinics in a range of hospitals and facilities, so you’re sure to get an appointment that works for you. The length of your appointment will depend on the extent of your concerns and if you need any diagnostic tests performed during the consultation.

  1. Your cardiologist will discuss any specific concerns relating to your heart health and will go through your family history to determine what kind of risk factors you may have.
  2. We will then carry out any diagnostic tests they feel are relevant and begin developing a treatment plan to help with the concerns you have.
  3. Follow-up appointments will be recommended depending on what concerns you discuss with your cardiologist at your initial consultation.

Worried about your heart?

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Private Cardiology Services We Offer

Our care ranges from heart tests and diagnostic tools to treatment plans, so you can rest easy knowing that you have all the information and guidance you need to manage your heart health. We will go through all of your options at your initial consultation and provide a range of tools that can help diagnose any heart health concern you’re experiencing. Some of the diagnostic tools for heart health we use include:

We also provide specialised treatment for conditions such as:

No matter your heart concern, we are dedicated to providing the very best in diagnostic and ongoing care to help you live a healthy and fulfilling life. With many cardiac conditions, an early diagnosis is crucial to helping you manage the condition effectively and reduce the risks of serious complications occurring. We won’t rest until we’ve found the best possible treatment plan to ensure you aren’t held back by your heart health concerns.

Book A Cardiology Appointment

Heart health is essential, and you can’t leave such crucial things to chance. The first step towards being heart-healthy is to book an appointment to discuss your concerns and the ways that you can resolve them. It is crucial to get the help of an experienced, sympathetic and knowledgeable cardiologist like Dr Karagiannis so that you can be confident that no stone is left unturned when getting a diagnosis.

Even if you aren’t sure exactly what your heart health concerns are, booking an appointment with Dr Karagiannis can be invaluable for your peace of mind. Consider getting in touch today for an initial consultation to put your mind at ease and help you feel confident and reassured about your heart health.


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