24-hour blood pressure monitoring can be used to check a person’s blood pressure to help diagnose health conditions such as hypertension (high blood pressure). But sometimes, a continuous stream of results can be necessary for cardiologists to make an accurate diagnosis. To do this, we use 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, which can give a clearer picture of overall health.

Expert Cardiologist provides our patients with private 24-hour blood pressure monitoring. With this information, we can diagnose accurately and curate a personalised treatment plan to support their needs.

What Is A 24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitor?

A 24-hour blood pressure monitor is a non-invasive way of recording your blood pressure, which can be used to help diagnose hypertension or to check whether blood pressure medication is having the desired effect.

A standard blood pressure measurement, like the ones taken at a GP surgery or hospital, will only show one blood pressure result — a snapshot of your blood pressure at one time. A 24-hour blood pressure monitor, on the other hand, will show multiple readings throughout the day and night.

As the blood pressure monitor remains attached for 24 hours, it takes readings from when you leave the doctor’s office to when you return. Despite being a 24-hour process, the monitoring is non-invasive and will not disrupt your daily life.

Automatic blood pressure monitor with normal blood pressure 120/80 readings on a black background

What Does A 24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitor Show?

24-hour blood pressure monitors can show blood pressure readings from day to night. It also provides an average blood pressure from the entire 24-hour period and will highlight any results that could signify further testing is needed.

The results show patterns in blood pressure that can sometimes link with the activities completed during the 24 hours, helping us understand what is causing them.

These valuable insights into blood pressure over 24 hours can give us a full picture of our patient’s health to provide the best treatment.

24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitor Benefits

24-hour blood pressure monitoring has many benefits, including:

  • Accurately measuring blood pressure over 24 hours, providing insight into a patient’s health
  • Ruling out ‘white coat syndrome’ (where your blood pressure naturally elevates due to the stress of visiting the doctor)
  • Diagnosing missed hypertension, which may only be apparent when monitored for 24 hours rather than during one blood pressure test
  • Helping to create a personalised treatment plan

24-hour monitoring also enables us to capture blood pressure fluctuations caused by daily activities and sleep, which we cannot see when looking at just one result. This comprehensive data helps us provide an accurate diagnosis.

How Does A 24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitor Work?

A 24-hour blood pressure monitor works by taking blood pressure readings at regular intervals during the 24 hours, usually every 30 minutes during the day and every 60 minutes at night.

The monitor takes readings using an inflating cuff around the upper arm that tightens to temporarily cut off blood flow. The cuff is connected to a small electronic blood pressure machine, which you’ll wear on a belt around your waist, that records the information.

At intervals throughout the day, the cuff will automatically inflate to take a reading. This may cause some discomfort, but shouldn’t be painful. The monitor will

Interpreting Your Blood Pressure Results

Once the 24 hours is up, you’ll come back in for a follow-up appointment. Our team will collect the data from the monitor you’ve been wearing and transfer the data to a computer, where a report will be produced. Your cardiologist can then further analyse and review it for abnormalities or concerns.

You will be able to discuss the findings with your consultant in this follow-up appointment.

We’ll always explain the findings in a clear and easy-to-understand way so there is no confusion about the results. Depending on what your report shows, your consultant may offer advice, request further testing or use your results to develop a personalised treatment plan if needed.

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