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Cardiac Conditions We Treat

Whether you need a diagnosis, treatment, help managing a condition or just the reassurance that all is well, Expert Cardiologist can help. Some of the conditions and symptoms we can help diagnose, treat and manage include:

(If your symptoms or heart condition are not listed, we may still be able to help. This is not an exhaustive list of the conditions we are experienced in dealing with, but it does contain many of the most common concerns we see in patients. If you have any questions or a cardiac concern not listed above, contact us today, and we will be more than happy to help)

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Aortic Aneurysm

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Cardiac Arrhythmia

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Swollen Feet

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Private Cardiologist In London

If you are worried about your heart health, put your mind at ease with the support of Expert Cardiologist. Based in West London, we operate out of seven clinics and hospitals across the capital. Our range of convenient locations means you have access to the very latest medical advancements and state-of-the-art equipment. 

At Expert Cardiologist, your needs are at the very heart of everything we do. This is why we provide a wide range of cardiology services to ensure you receive an accurate diagnosis and a personalised treatment plan. We offer unparalleled cardiac care to safeguard your cardiovascular health.

Cardiology Clinic Locations

Expert Cardiologist is based in West London. We operate out of seven clinics and hospitals throughout London, ensuring that you can find a location that works for you. Our range of convenient locations in London also ensures that you have access to all of the latest technology and equipment to diagnose and treat any potential heart health concerns.

We also offer same-day appointments for more urgent concerns, including on weekends. For added flexibility and ease of contact, we also offer video and telephone consultations.


Concerned About Your Heart Health?

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Why Choose Private Cardiology Care?

Choosing Expert Cardiologist for your heart health means you will receive access to the highest level of dedicated cardiovascular care. When you opt for our services, you receive quicker care as there are no long waiting lists for appointments. 

You can also benefit from the convenience of our services. With the option of a video or telephone consultation as well as our one-stop clinics, you can manage your heart health in a way that works alongside your daily life. 

By choosing Expert Cardiologist, you remain in full control of your medical journey, experiencing consistent care from our team to ensure you feel comfortable throughout.

Same Day Appointments

Expert Cardiologist is proud to offer same-day appointments for urgent concerns, including on the weekends. We also provide appointment flexibility, as well as video or telephone consultations, so you can fit your health needs around your busy schedule.

Personalised Treatment Plans

Dr Karagiannis creates personalised treatment plans for your cardiovascular concerns so you receive the highest level of care. We also offer appointments as soon as possible after your first consultation.

One-To-One Contact

During your first consultation with Dr Karagiannis, you will be given a contact number and email address to get back in touch with him with any questions or concerns you have. This one-on-one contact with your cardiologist is what sets us apart in the healthcare industry. 

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Meet The Cardiologist

Our practice is run by Dr Georgios Karagiannis, one of the foremost experts in cardiology in the UK. This means that the care you will receive is second to none in the London area and beyond. We offer bespoke, detailed treatment and condition management plans to our patients, ensuring that all factors are taken into consideration. No two patients or heart health concerns are ever the same, and we run our practice with this crucial understanding in mind.

Dr Karagiannis has more than two decades of experience in the cardiology field and currently works as an NHS cardiologist consultant in London. Thanks to his extensive career in the NHS and private sector, Dr Karagiannis can offer the very highest level of care to patients with even the most complex needs.


Patient Testimonials

Our discussions were frank and to the point with explanations I could understand, even though my husband, who is a consultant surgeon was sitting with me.

Dr Georgios Karagiannis

It was lovely meeting Dr Karagiannis, he was efficient, friendly and reassuring. Would highly recommend him.

Dr Georgios Karagiannis

Dr Karagiannis is efficient, professional and friendly. Combines expertise and willingness to listen and discuss, answered questions in a clear and easy to understand way. I highly recommend him .

Dr Georgios Karagiannis


Private Cardiology Services

Your heart health is vital. Through our broad range of services and treatments at Expert Cardiologist, we can provide comprehensive consultations as well as heart health monitoring and preventative care recommendations. We provide you with the tools and treatments you need to fully support your cardiovascular health. 

Our team is led by a pioneer of cardiovascular health, Dr Georgios Karagiannis, who will be with you every step of the way.   

Treatment is a vital part of what we do and we offer our patients a vast number of dedicated options.

Cardiac Diagnostic Tests

An accurate diagnosis is an essential part of maintaining your cardiovascular health. That’s why we use the very latest medical advancements to provide you with a full, conclusive diagnosis. 

At Expert Cardiologist, we provide a wide range of diagnostic testing to make sure we can detect any potential problems as early as possible. Early detection improves the effectiveness of treatment and protects your cardiovascular health long-term.

No matter what symptoms or unexplained problems you may be facing, Expert Cardiologist can help. Even if you just want peace of mind, we can provide you with the support you need.

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State-Of-The-Art Facilities

In addition to our world-class team of doctors and medical professionals, we also have access to state-of-the-art facilities. These include the latest medical technology and imaging modalities that allow us to provide highly accurate diagnoses, extensive treatment plans and world-class surgical care. We operate from some of the best cardiology facilities in London, which means you’ll be in the best possible hands here at Expert Cardiologist.

Our excellent facilities and expertise mean that we can provide the best level of care and service to our patients throughout London and beyond. Seek expert help without delay, contact us today.

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