5 Simple Steps To Heart Health

One of the most vital organs in the body is, of course, the heart. The heart circulates blood throughout the body, removing carbon dioxide from the bloodstream and carrying oxygen and nutrients to the body. The function of the heart is essential to living, which is why it is important that you support a healthy heart.

Do not smoke

We don’t need to tell you why smoking is harmful to you, but did you know that when you inhale the toxins and chemicals in your lungs, your body is starved of the oxygen it needs to function properly, making it harder for your heart to function properly? Smoking harms your heart, lungs, other vital organs, wallet, and the health of people around you, therefore it’s time to give up.

Acknowledge when something is not correct

Your body is quite good at detecting abnormalities, therefore if you are experiencing anything irregular with your heart, it’s important to seek medical help. If you’re experiencing heart palpitations or irregular heartbeats on a frequent basis or if they’re becoming painful, you should get your heart checked out by a doctor. It is probable that your doctor will just listen to your heart, or that they will order a heart test like a cardiac ct scan or an echocardiogram to investigate further. Some doctors may suggest you see a cardiologist in London or undergo a heart ultrasound.

Maintain a healthy weight

The health of our hearts is directly correlated to the health of our bodies, and being overweight can put a tremendous amount of strain on your heart’s ability to work properly. Why does this happen? It’s because your heart must work significantly harder so that your blood can get to the right place. Losing weight has been shown to improve heart health and increase lifespan.

Consume nutritious foods

The heart pumps blood and nutrients around the body, where they are absorbed and utilised to maintain health. Eating healthy, nutritious foods will help to reduce the strain on your heart when transporting blood and nutrients throughout your body.


It’s important to give your heart regular ‘workouts’ to keep your heart in a healthy condition. It is a good indication that you are working out at the correct level when you feel your heart rate accelerate and you begin to feel out of breath. Aim to exercise 30 minutes, three times a week at the very least, and your heart will become stronger with each repetition.

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