Benefits Of Having A Private Cardiologist

Cardiologists are specialist healthcare professionals with a focus on conditions associated with blood vessels and the heart. Good cardiac care is important as clogs in veins and arteries can lead to heart attacks and even strokes.

Your likelihood to have cardiac issues which require a cardiologist increase if you are considered to be in an at-risk group. You could be at risk if you:

  • Have high blood pressure
  • Have high cholesterol
  • Smoke
  • Have a family history of cardiac-related conditions

This article will assess the benefits of having a private cardiologist and when to consider making an appointment.

Quicker care

It is no surprise that seeking healthcare privately is quicker than relying on the NHS. Private healthcare is the equivalent of a fast track to being seen. In the UK, when waiting for consultations with the NHS, patients could be waiting for up to six weeks before being seen. Seeing a private cardiologist cuts the wait and allows your issues to be seen quicker.


When waiting for an appointment with the NHS one of the biggest concerns is having to take time off work or finding time in your busy schedule to attend an appointment. Private healthcare is often more considerate of your schedule, allowing you to pick a suitable time or date to have your consultation or any follow-up appointments. This is ideal for the working professional who needs their appointment to fit in around their work or a parent who needs to attend while their children are at school.

Private healthcare also helps to cut down on the time you spend at the surgery. No more long tedious wait times, as your appointment is scheduled for a specific time, making it a quicker process overall.

More choice and one-stop care

Another big draw for people opting for private healthcare is the control over their medical journey. Going private ensures that you can select your consultant and will not end up with a junior doctor or a trainee.

This also makes continuity greater as you can see the same consultant each time you visit. A further benefit is that all support can be given under one roof and you won’t be sent from one healthcare professional to another.

When to see a cardiologist

If you are considered at risk it is important to keep an eye on your cardiovascular health. For this reason, you may want to consider finding a cardiologist. For more information, we recommend reading our article on the importance of prioritising heart-check ups.

Furthermore, if you notice chest pains, swollen feet, shortness of breath or heart palpitations please also seek immediate medical attention.

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